Piper nigrum

Piper nigrum a branching, climbing perennial shrub,
Piper nigrum Seed Black
Botanical Name
Piper nigrum
Common Name
Black Pepper
P. nigrum Linn.
Seed Collection period
Dec. - Jan.
Seed Purity
Seed Treatment

General Description:

Piper nigrum a branching, climbing perennial shrub, mostly found cultivated in the hot and moist parts of India, Ceylong and other tropical countries. Branches stout, trailing and rooting at the nodes; leaves entire, 12.5-17.5 by 5.0 - 12.5cm, very variable in breadth, sometimes glaucous beneth, base acute rounded or cordate, equal or unequal; flowers minute in spikes, usually dioecious, but often the female bears 2 anthers, and the male, a pistillode; fruiting spikes very variable in length and robustness, rachis glabrous; fruits ovoid or globose, bright red when ripe; seeds usually globose, testa thin, albumin hard.

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