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Indigofera tinctoria

Indigofera tinctoria a shrub 2mt. high, found nearly throughout India

Leucaena leucocephala

Leucaena leucocephala deep rooted high yielding perennial tree

Melilotus indica

M. diplotricha is a fast-growing, erect shrub and a scrambling

Mucuna bracteata

Mucuna bracteata is a leguminous plant. It is a nitrogen-regulating

Pueraria javanica

Pueraria javanica Vigorous twining and climbing slightly woody

Pueraria phaseoloides

Pueraria phaseoloides Vigorous, deep-rooted, perennial twining and climbing legume

Sesbania sesban

Sesbania sesban a soft wooded, quick-growing short lived shrub

Vicia faba

Vicia faba a hardy, erect, simple-stemmed annual 1 mt. tall native of N. Africa and N.W. Asia

Vigna sinensis

Vigna sinensis a sub-erect, trailing or climbing, bushy annual, with glabrous stems

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