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Seed quality is a keen analysis of some physical parameters and the physiological quality of a seed lot, based on a small representative sample. Horticultural Impex provides itself with predefined and exact parameters of determining seed quality by measuring seed weight, purity, germination and moisture content. The higher the weight, purity and germination and lesser the moisture content the better the seed lot is.

Seed Weight: Seed weight is considered together with purity and germination percentage. Seed size is often correlated with vigor and hence indirectly to the measure of potential performance. Seed weight is calculated on replications of samples. For very large seeds, calculation is conveniently based on a smaller number. In official seed analysis, variance analyses are carried out based on several replicates of the sample.

Purity: In common terms purity is an expression of how ‘clean’ the seed lot is. Purity of a seed lot indicates in percentage how large a fraction is made up of pure seeds in question, and how much is made up of inert matter and other seeds. Impurities may be any non-seed material (leaf, flower, fruit fractions, soil etc.), small fractions of seeds of the actual species, as well as seeds of other species. Higher purity refers to the percentage of inert matter being the least or significantly low.

Moisture Content: It is an important connection between storage and longevity. Moisture content of seeds vary with atmospheric humidity, it is important that exposure to varying humidity is minimized before testing. Therefore, seeds are packed in waterproof material as quickly as possible after sampling. Seeds typically contain less moisture in the seed-coat and possibly pericarp than in the embryo and endosperm.

Germination: A germination or viability test indicates the potential germinability which, with proper handling, should reflect expected germination in a given set of conditions. Germination potential is most directly determined in a germination test: under the appropriate conditions, everything that can germinate should germinate.

For us, quality is also traceability, which is why Horticultural Impex has invested in new advanced software allowing an optimal traceability for all commercialized lots. This way, we are able to trace the whole historical path for a seed lot from the fresh harvested seed to the plant used to reforest, allowing us to give a total guarantee on the origin and genetic of our seeds.

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