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Abies pindrow

Abies pindrow a tall, evergreen tree with a conical crown

Abrus precatorius

Abrus precatorius is a winding climber with glabrescent, mostly greenish yellow young branches

Acacia auriculiformis

Acacia auriculiformis, a straight, medium-sized tree, up to 16m

Acacia catechu

Acacia catechu, also known as Cutch tree, is a deciduous

Acacia concinna

Acacia concinna is a thorny medicinal plant, native to south Asia

Acacia dealbata

Acacia dealbata, an evergreen tree, native to Australia

Acacia decurrens

Acacia decurrens, an erect evergreen tree, 8-12m in height

Acacia farnesiana

A throny bush or small tree reaching at

Acacia ferruginea

Acacia ferruginea, a medium sized drought resistant tree, is native to India and Sri Lanka

Acacia holosericea

Acacia holosericea is a shrubby acacia, attain a height of 1-4mt.

Acacia leucophloea

Acacia leucophloea, a moderate sized, diciduous tree, grows up to 20 m in height

Acacia mangium

Acacia mangium is a very fast growing plantation species, which can attain 15m

Acacia mearnsii

Acacia mearnsii, an evergreen tree, grows up to 12m in height and produces dark green

Acacia nilotica

Acacia nilotica, commonly known as Babul in the Indian subcontinent

Acacia planifrons

Acacia planifrons, a small gregarious tree with flat, umbrella-like spreading branches

Acacia senegal

Acacia senegal or Senegalia senegal, is a small thorny, deciduous tree with

Acacia suma

Acacia suma or Acacia polyacantha is a large or middle sized tree, reaching a height

Acacia tortilis

Acacia tortilis is a medium-sized tree of 5-20 m height, with a flat parasol type of crown

Acer oblongum

Acer oblongum or Himalayam Maple, a medium-sized or evergreen tree, is about 15-20m

Achras zapota

The Sapodilla is a fairly slow-growing, long-lived tree, upright and elegant, distinctly pyramidal.

Acrocarpus fraxinifolius

Acrocarpus fraxinifolius is a lofty, deciduous, branch-less, buttressed tree

Adenanthera microsperma

Adenanthera microsperma Teijsm. & Binn. Is a tall, thornless deciduous tree

Adenanthera pavonina

Adenanthera pavonina or Red sandalwood tree, is a deciduous, spreading, fast-growing

Adina cordifolia

Adina cordifolia or Haldu, a large, unbranched deciduous tree, grows up to

Aegle marmelos

Aegle marmelos a moderate-sized, slender, aromatic tree

Aesculus indica

Aesculus indica or Himalayan horse chestnut, is a spectacular tree

Ailanthus excelsa

Ailanthus excelsa or the Indian Tree of Heaven, is a large

Albizia lebbeck

Albizia lebbeck or Woman's Tongue Tree, a medium-sized

Albizia lebbek

Albizzia lebbek a large, erect, unarmed, deciduous

Albizia lucida

Albizia lucida is a medium-sized, deciduous tree found

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