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Citrus reticulata

Citrus reticulata a bushy, evergreen, glabrous

Cocos nucifera

Cocos nucifera a tall and stately palm growing to

Coffea arabica

Coffea arabica an evergreen shrub or small

Coffee arabica

An evergreen shrub or small tree attaining a height of 15 - 30 ft. under cultural conditions in India it is kept pruned down to a height or 4 - 5ft. It has a main stem or trunk with lateral other or in whorls around the stem. The leaves are also opposite, thin, coriaceous and bringh green in colour. The flowers are white, fragrant and are borne in clusters in the axils of the leaves. The fruits are small, fleshy drupes. Bright green when young, changing to yellow and later to scarlet red with ripening. The fleshy mucilaginous pulp of the drupe encloses two oval greeninsh grey seeds or beans, each covered by a thin membrane, the silver skin, and both enclosed in a common husk-like membane or parchment.

Coix lacryma-jobi

Job's Tears (Coix lacryma-jobi), Coixseed, Tear Grass, adlay, or adlai

Colvillea racemosa

Colville's Glory is a beautiful, large tree from Madagascar


Cooperia is a genus of tender herbaceous perennials native to South America and the southern reaches of North America. They are closely related to Zephyranthes and Habranthus, all members of the Amaryllidaceae, or Amaryllis family. All three genera are co

Corchorus olitorius

Corchorus olitorius a herbaceous annual, growing taller

Cordia dichotoma

Cordia dichotoma a small or medium-sized tree with

Cordia sebestena

Cordia sebestena it is commonly grown in Indian gardens

Coriandrum sativum

Coriandrum sativum a annual herb, 1-3 feet high

Crotalaria juncea

Crotalaria juncea an erect, shrubby annual, 4 - 10 ft

Cryptomeria japonica

Cryptomeria japonica is a large ornamental evergreen tree, native to Japan

Cupressus cashmeriana

Cupressus cashmeriana, an evergreen coniferous tree with a conical outline

Cupressus lusitanica

Cupressus lusitanica, a large evergreen tree with pendulous

Cupressus macrocarpa

Cupressus macrocarpa, an evergreen coniferous tree, is narrowly conical

Cupressus sempervirens

Cupressus sempervirens, a native to the Mediterranean Region

Cupressus torulosa

Cupressus torulosa is a large, erect, rather close-foliaged, frost-resistant tree

Cyamopsis tetragonoloba

Cyamopsis tetragonoloba, commonly known as cluster bean or guar bean, is an upright, bushy herb, growing up to 3 meters in height.

Cycas circinalis

Cycas circinalis is a dioecious plant, 6-20 ft high, occurring

Cycas revoluta

Cycas revoluta is cultivated in Indian gardens.

Cydonia oblonga

Cydonia oblonga shrub or a small tree cultivated in Afghanistan

Cymbopogon flexuosus

Cymbopogon flexuosus the source of commercial citronella oil,

Cymbopogon martinii

Cymbopogon martinii a tall perennial sweet-scented grass, 5- 8 ft

Cynodon dactylon

Cynodon dactylon a hardy perennial grass with creeping culms,

Cytisus scoparius

Cytisus scoparius, the Common Broom and Scotch Broom

Dalbergia latifolia

Dalbergia latifolia, commonly known as East Indian rosewood

Dalbergia sissoo

Dalbergia sissoo, commonly known as Indian Rosewood or Shisham

Datura metel

A sub-glabrous spreading herb sometimes becoming shrubby.

Delonix regia

Delonix regia a strikingly ornamental medium-sized tree,

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