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Prosopis chilensis

Prosopis chilensis is a medium-sized deciduous tree.

Prosopis cineraria

Prosopis cineraria a small to moderate-sized tree,

Prunus amygdalus

Prunus amygdalus is a tree, up to 15-20 ft. high, with oblong-lanceolate minutely serrate leaves

Prunus armeniaca

Prunus armeniaca a moderate-sized tree, about 10m tall, with a reddish bark

Prunus avium

Prunus avium a tree up to 18mt. high, erect or pyramidal in habit

Prunus cerasoides

Prunus cerasoides a middle sized or large tree indigenous to the temperate

Prunus persica

Prunus persica a small tree up to 8 m high, with glabrous twigs

Psidium guajava

Psidium guajava is an arborescent shrub or small tree, up to 33ft. high;

Pterocarpus marsupium

Indian Kino Tree is a deciduous tree, up to 30 m tall, bark 10-15 mm, surface grey

Pterospermum acerifolium

Pterospermum acerifolium An evergreen tree, up to 50-70 ft.

Pueraria javanica

Pueraria javanica Vigorous twining and climbing slightly woody

Pueraria phaseoloides

Pueraria phaseoloides Vigorous, deep-rooted, perennial twining and climbing legume

Punica granatum

Punica granatum a shrub or small tree, 5-10m. high, considered to be a native of Iran

Putranjiva roxburghii

Putranjiva roxburghii is a mostly dioecious, evergreen tree with pendant branches

Quercus incana

Quercus incana a moderate-sized to large evergreen tree, up to 25m high and 3.0m girth,

Quercus serrata

Quercus serrata is middle sized straight stemdeciduous tree.

Rauwolfia serpentina

Rauvolfia serpentina an erect, evergreen perennating undershrub, 15-45cm

Ricinus communis

Castor Bean is an evergreen herbaceous or semi-woody large shrub or small tree that reaches 5 meters tall and 4.5 m wide.

Robinia pseudoacacia

Robinia pseudoacacia a medium sized, thorny tree, reaching height up to 30m

Rosa moschata

Rosa moschata (musk rose) is a species of rose long in cultivation.

Rosa sericea

Rosa sericea an erect or sub-scandent shrub or small tree, attains a height of 8-10ft

Roystonea regia

Roystonea regia, a tall graceful palm growing up to 10-12mt. or more

Sabal palmetto

The large leaves have a dull finish and are a medium green

Samanea saman

Albizia saman Middle sized to large evergeen tree with a short bole and an enormous,

Sapindus detergens

Sapindus detergens, Ritha is a beautiful, tropical, large-leaved deciduous tree

Sapium sebiferum

Sapium sebiferum a deciduous tree, native of china, 20ft. high

Saraca asoca

Saraca asoca is a small evergreen tree, 15-20ft. high, found wild along streams

Schleichera oleosa

Schleichera oleosa is A medium-sized to large, deciduous or nearly evergreen tree

Semecarpus anacardium

Semecarpus anacardium A moderate sized deciduous tree,

Sesbania cannabina

Sesbania cannabina a suffruticose, shrubby annual native to Australia,

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