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Albizia procera

Albizia procera, a large deciduous tree, grows upto 18-24m in height

Aleurites fordii

Aleurites fordii Hemsl. is a species of Vernicia in the spurge family

Aleurites moluccana

Aleurites moluccana, also known as candlenut

Allamanda cathartica

Allamanda cathartica an erect, evergreen, variable shrub

Alnus nepalensis

Alnus nepalensis, a sparsely branched, deciduous tree

Amaranthus cruentus

Amaranthus cruentus is a common flowering plant species that yields the nutritious staple amaranth grain. It is one of three Amaranthus species cultivated as a grain source, the other two being Amaranthus hypochondriacus and Amaranthus caudatus. In Mexico


Amaryllis is a small genus of flowering bulbs, with two species. The better known of the two, Amaryllis belladonna, is a native of South Africa, particularly the rocky southwest region near the Cape. For many years there was confusion amongst botanists ov

Ammi majus

Ammi majus, commonly known as bishop's flower, bishop’s weed, false bishop’s weed

Anacardium occidentale

A small, spreading, evergreen tree,sometimes reaching

Anethum sowa

Anethum sowa an annual, glabrous, aromatic herb

Annona squamosa

Annona squamosa a large, evergreen, straggling, shrub or small tree

Anogeissus latifolia

Anogeissus latifolia is a small or fairly large tree, growing up to 35 m

Antigonon leptopus

A genus of robust climbers, native to tropical America

Apium graveolens

Apium graveolens an erect, annual or biennial herb

Arachis hypogea

Arachis hypogaea, the peanut or groundnut, is an annual herbaceous plant in the Fabaceae (legume or bean family).

Araucaria bidwillii

Araucaria bidwillii, commonly known as the Bunya pine, is a tall

Araucaria cunninghamii

Araucaria cunninghamii is a large, unbuttressed, symmetrical tree, 50-70 m high

Areca catechu

Areca catechu a tree with annulate stem, 12.18m

Argemone mexicana

Argemone mexicana an erect, prickly annual herb, up to 1.2m in height

Argyreia nervosa

Argyreia nervosa a woody climber found throughout India, up to an

Artabotrys hexapetalus

Artabotrys hexapetalus a large, scandent or climbing

Artocarpus chaplasha

A genus of small to large evergreen trees. Laticiferous, all native

Artocarpus heterophyllus

Artocarpus heterophyllus a tall deciduous tree

Artocarpus lakoocha

Artocarpus lakoocha a large, deciduous tree

Ash Gourd

The winter melon, also called white gourd, ash gourd,PETHA (Hindi) "fuzzy gourd", or "fuzzy melon", is a vine grown for its very large fruit, eaten as a vegetable when mature. It is the only member of the genus Benincasa. The fruit is fuzzy when young. Th


Asparagus officinalis is a spring vegetable, a flowering perennial plant species in the genus Asparagus. It was once classified in the lily family, like its Allium cousins, onions and garlic, but the Liliaceae have been split and the onion-like plants are

Asparagus racemosus

Asparagus racemosus an extensively scandent

Azadirachta indica

Azadirachta indica, commonly known as neem, is a native to the Indian

Balanites roxburghii

Balanites roxburghii is a spiny evergreen tree, growing up to 9 m in height

Bambusa arundinacea

Bambusa arundinacea a graceful, spinous bamboo

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