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Salt Tolerant Tree Seeds

Acacia holosericea

Acacia holosericea is a shrubby acacia, attain a height of 1-4mt.

Acacia senegal

Acacia senegal or Senegalia senegal, is a small thorny, deciduous tree with

Balanites roxburghii

Balanites roxburghii is a spiny evergreen tree, growing up to 9 m in height

Ficus retusa

Ficus retusa a large evergreen tree. Leaves alternate, 2 - 4 x 1.3 - 2.5m

Jacaranda mimosifolia

Jacaranda mimosifolia an elegant shrub or medium-sized tree

Kigelia pinnata

Kigelia pinnata A medium-sized spreading tree of rapid growth,

Madhuca longifolia

Madhuca longifolia a large evergreen tree with a dense spreading

Magnolia grandiflora

Magnolia grandiflora A handsome evergreen pyramidal tree

Melia azedarach

Melia azedarach is a moderate-sized deciduous tree,

Podocarpus macrophyllus

Podocarpus macrophyllus (Kusamaki or Inumaki) is a conifer

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