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Tree / Plants Seeds

We sell over 300 varieties of Tree seed - many of which are rare, unusual and exotic. With over 25 years experience and an impeccable reputation you can buy confidently from us.

Cassia glauca

Ornamental Shrub seeds

Cassia grandis

Cassia grandis, commonly known as coral shower tree, is a semi-deciduous tree

Cassia javanica

Cassia javanica, commonly known as Java cassia, is a semideciduous, fast-growing tree

Cassia marginata

Cassia Marginata is a small or medium sized tree, growing up to 8 m

Cassia nodosa

Cassia nodosa, a medium sized deciduous tree, grows to about 20 -25m

Cassia roxburghii

The red cassia is a medium-sized tree, growing to 15–20 m

Cassia siamea

Senna siamea or Cassia siamea, is a large tree bearing yellow flowers

Cassia tora

Cassia tora is a dicot legume known as sickle senna, sickle pod, tora, coffee pod, tovara, chakvad and foetid cassia.

Castanea sativa

Castanea sativa a native of the mountain forests of western

Castanospermum australe

Castanospermum australe, or Moreton Bay Chestnut, a tall evergreen tree

Casuarina equisetifolia

Casuarina equisetifolia is a large evergreen tree, growing up to 30mt. in height

Catharanthus roseus

Catharanthus roseus a suffruticose plant about 80cm. high with opposite,

Cedrus deodara

Cedrus deodara is a large and evergreen ornamental tree, with spreading branches and dark green (sometimes silvery blue) foliage.

Ceiba pentandra

Ceiba pentandra, or the Kapok tree, is a medium-sized deciduous tree

Celtis australis

Celtis Australis, commonly known as Nettle tree, is a medium sized deciduous tree

Centella asiatica

Centella asiatica a prostrate, perennial, faintly aromatic

Chorisia speciosa

It is an exotic species, introduced from Brazil and cultivated in FRI, Dehra Dun.

Chrysalidocarpus lutescens

Chrysalidocarpus lutescens stem upto 90m high

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