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Dichanthium annulatum

Dichanthium annulatum a perennial, densely tufted grass
Botanical Name
Dichanthium annulatum
Common Name
bluestem, diaz bluestem, hindi grass, sheda grass, ringed dichanthium, (English);  marvel grass, karad, jargu grass, delhi grass (India); 
Dichanthium annulatum Stapf syn. Andropogon annulatus frosk,?Andropogon annulatus Forssk.,Andropogon papillosus Hochst. ex A. Rich.,Dichanthium nodosum Willemet , Dichanthium papillosum (Hochst. ex A. Rich.) Stapf
Collection Locale
Through out the plains of India and Hills
Seed Collection period
Seed Longevity
Seed Purity
Seed Treatment
Usual Germination
Perennial, Fodder, Seed edible
Seed Counts per KG
Plant Average Height

General Description:

Dichanthium annulatum a perennial, densely tufted grass, with erect clums up to 3ft. high; inflorescence of subdigitately arranged recemes, usually 3 but often more. Perennial tussock, sometimes stoloniferous, with culms geniculately ascending, foliage to 80 cm and fertile tillers to about 1 m (rarely 1.8 m);  pronounced annulus of radiating, 3-5 mm long white hairs on the nodes;  leaf blade linear, to about 30 cm long and 2-7 mm wide, margins sparsely pubescent and scaberulous.  Inflorescence a sub-digitate panicle, comprising 2-9 (-15) pale green or purplish racemes, each 3-7 cm long;  geniculate, twisted awn 8-25 mm long arising from the upper lemma of the sessile spikelet.  Caryopsis oblong to obovate, dorsally compressed, ca. 2 mm long (1.9 million/kg), although seed weight (sessile + pedicellate spikelet ) about 500,000/kg.  Surface rooted, >90% of roots in top 1 m soil. The grass is common throughout the plains and hills of India up to 5,000 ft. It is often found in hedges, road sides, lawns and pasture grounds, andd thrives in sheltered situations on well-drained soils.

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