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Cassia occidentalis

Cassia occidentalis a diffuse undershrub found throughout India.
Botanical Name
Cassia occidentalis
Common Name
The Negro Coffee, Coffee Senna, coffeeweed,
Cassia occidentalis Linn., Senna occidentalis , Senna occidentalis (L.) Link
Collection Locale
Humid tropical areas, INDIA
1200-2500 feet
Seed Collection period
Seed Longevity
1-2 year
Seed Purity
Seed Treatment
Usual Germination
Perennial, Native, Shrub
Seed Counts per KG
Approx 80000
Plant Average Height

General Description:

Cassia occidentalis is a diffuse undershrub found throughout India, attain a height of 2mt. leaves are entire, oblong, paripinnate, alternate, distichous. Flowering occurs throughout the year. Pod of the plant is short, flat, compressed, brown at maturity, seeds are many in number, brown in colour. The leaves, roots and seeds are purgative. The seeds and leaves are also antiperiodic. The seeds are used as external application for skin diseases. The seeds are roasted and used as a substitute for coffee in French Africa and in the north sector of Argentina. The medicinal properties, however, are lost by roasting.

The seeds contain: tannic acid, mucilage (36%), fatty oil (2.56), emodin, and a toxalbumin. Chrysarobin (methyl-dihydroxy anthranol, m.p., 203-4º) has been isolated from the benzene extract of the seeds (Chem. Abstr., 1944, 38, 3033).  The fatty oil contains; saturated fatty acids, 19.7; linoleic acid, 31.4; oleic acid, 30.7; linolenic acid, 6.3; volatile constituents, 0.7; unsapon. Matter, 7.4% (Wehmer, suppl., 42).

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