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Roystonea regia

Roystonea regia, a tall graceful palm growing up to 10-12mt. or more
Botanical Name
Roystonea regia
Common Name
Cuban royal palm, Florida royal palm, or simply the royal palm
Roystonea regia var. hondurensis P.H.Allen,Roystonea regia var. maisiana L.H.Bailey
Collection Locale
Throughout the INDIA
upto 2500 ft
Seed Collection period
July - Sept.
Seed Longevity
1 year
Seed Purity
Seed Treatment
Not required
Usual Germination
Evergreen, Ornamental
Seed Counts per KG
approx 6000
Plant Average Height

General Description:

Roystonea regia, a tall graceful palm growing up to 10-12mt. or more with a columnar bole, native of Cuba, found cultivated in Indian gardens. Trunk smooth, generally slightly swoolen about the middle and covered all over with a white substance; leaves up to 3.0 m long, leaflets about 80 cm long and 2.5cm wide; fruits globose-oblong, 1.0-1.6cm long, purplish; seeds broadly ovoid-elliptical, with a homogeneous albumen. The trunk of the Royal Palm is swollen at the base. It constricts about halfway up and then bulges again just below the crownshaft creating a dramatic profile. The trunk is a smooth light gray that looks as if it had been cast from concrete. Royal palm produce a large 3' to 4' inflorescense on which both male and female flowers are borne, just at the base of the green crownshaft. Royal palm is native to cuba.

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