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Acacia holosericea

Acacia holosericea is a shrubby acacia, attain a height of 1-4mt.
Botanical Name
Acacia holosericea
Common Name
Soapbush wattle or Strap Wattle, Candelabra wattle
Acacia holosericea var. typica Domin,Acacia holosericea var. neurocarpa (Hook.) Domin,
Collection Locale
Hills and low terrain, INDIA
upto 5500 ft
Seed Collection period
Seed Longevity
1-2 years
Seed Purity
Seed Treatment
Usual Germination
Evergreen, Ornamental, fruit, medicinal
Seed Counts per KG
Plant Average Height

General Description:

Acacia holosericea is a shrubby acacia, attain a height of 1-4mt., little used in its native Australia. Yet it promises to be an outstanding drought resistant multipurpose tree for tropical regions. Its excellent potential for fuel, charcoal, animal fodder land rehabilitation and as an ornamental shrub is now being realized in Africa and the Indian subcontinent. Advantages can be taken of the fast growth, dense crown, Nitrogen fixing ability and vigorous colonizing characteristic of this species for re vegetation and restoration of degraded mining area. Acacia holosericea grows up to the height of 4 m in rainfall less than 300 mm and up to 600 and above, even on bad sites. Acacia holosericea seeds are colored brown-black and funicles are yellow.

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