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Acacia leucophloea

Acacia leucophloea, a moderate sized, diciduous tree, grows up to 20 m in height
Botanical Name
Acacia leucophloea
Common Name
Reonja, White Bark Acacia, Brewers acacia, distillers acacia, Panicled acacia.
Acacia leucophloea Willd., Acacia melanochaetes Zoll. Delaportea microphylla Gagnep. Delaportea ferox Gagnep. Mimosa leucophloea Roxb.
Collection Locale
Himalayan mountains, INDIA
2400-4800 ft
Seed Collection period
Seed Longevity
Seed Purity
Seed Treatment
Direct seed sowing/ Scarification, hot water treatment
Usual Germination
Evergreen, Timber, Specimen Tree
Seed Counts per KG
Plant Average Height

General Description:

Acacia leucophloea, a moderate sized, deciduous tree, grows up to 35mt. in height, is a characterstic of dry regions, and found in the plains of Punjab and in the dry forest tracts throughout India. Leaves are bipinnate with spines and flowers in yellow heads are arranged in terminal 30cm long panicles. Narrow, Black-colored 10-20cm Pods produce 10-20 Acacia leucophloea seeds of size 5mm to 6mm. The twigs and pods have been reported to be infected by Hapalophragmiopsis ponderosum Thirum in Indian states of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh. The tree is parasitized by Loranthus scurrula Linn., L. longiflorus Desr. and L. longiflorus var. falcata Kurz.

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