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Magnolia champaca

Magnolia champaca a tall, evergreen tree, usually up to 30 m
Botanical Name
Magnolia champaca
Common Name
champaca, champak; Sonchaaphaa
Michelia champaca
Collection Locale
Plains and low terrain, INDIA
upto 2000ft
Seed Collection period
Aug.-Sept., Dec.-Jan.
Seed Longevity
Very Short Lived (1-6 Months)
Seed Purity
Seed Treatment
Usual Germination
Timber, Fuel, Ornamental, Boards, Furniture, Plywood.
Seed Counts per KG

General Description:

Magnolia champaca a tall, evergreen tree, usually up to 30 m. in height and 3.5  m in girth, with a clean cylindrical bole up to 20 m long, found in eastern Himalayas, north-east India and western ghats.  It is cultivated throughout Indian in gardens and near temples for its fragrant flowers and handsome foliage. Bark gey or brownish; leaves ovate to lanceolate, coriaceous; flowers usually axillary, solitary, yellow or orange fragrant; fruit 5-10 cm. long; ripe carpels ovoid or ellipsoid, woody; seeds brown, angular, with pink fleshy aril.

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