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Carica papaya

Carica papaya a herbaceous tree growing to
Botanical Name
Carica papaya
Common Name
The papaya
C. papaya Linn., Papaya carica Gaertn
Collection Locale
Through out the INDIA
up to 5500 ft
Seed Collection period
Seed Longevity
1 year
Seed Purity
Seed Treatment
hot water treatment, and soaking for 24hrs. in distilled water
Usual Germination
Seasonal, Fruit, Ornamental, Timber
Seed Counts per KG
Plant Average Height

General Description:

Carica papaya is a herbaceous tree growing to a height of 10-25 ft., bearing a crown of large, deeply lobed leaves, giving a palm-like appearance.  It is normally dioecious but occasionally monoecious; plants bearing hermaphrodite flowers have also been recorded.  The fruits are borne near the top of the trunk, closely packed at the bases of the leaves and are fleshy, waxy, slighltly fragrant, having 5petals. The leaves emerge directly from the upper part of the stem in a spiral on nearly horizontal petioles, 1-3 1/2ft. long, hollow, succulent green or more or less dark purple. Both the stems and leaves contain copious white milky latex. They vary greatly in number, size and shape, depending on the variety, soil, season, climate and cultural practices.

They may be spherical or cylindrical in shape and weigh up to 20lb. C. papaya is considered to be a native of tropical Central America.  It is at present grown practically all over the tropical and sub-tropical countries of the world, particularly in India, Ceylon, Hawaii, Philippines, S. Africa and Australia.  In India, it has been successfully cultivated in Madras, Bombay, Bengal, Bihar, and U.P., but nowhere on a plantation scale. It have a compound Papin which is good for the treatment of arthirits.

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