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Citrus aurantifolia

The Key lime (Citrus aurantifolia) is a citrus species with a globose fruit, 2.5–5 cm
Botanical Name
Citrus aurantifolia
Common Name
Key lime, West Indian lime, bartenders lime, Omani lime, or Mexican lime
Citurs acida Roxb., Citurs lima Lunan, Citurs medica var.acida Brandis, Limonia aurantifolia Christm.
Collection Locale
warm valleys of Himalayas and plains of India
up to 4000ft.
Seed Collection period
Seed Longevity
1 year
Seed Purity
Seed Treatment
Usual Germination
Seasonal, Fruit, Ornamental, Timber
Seed Counts per KG
approx 2500
Plant Average Height

The Key lime (Citrus aurantifolia) is a citrus species with a globose fruit, 2.5–5 cm in diameter (1–2 in), that is yellow when ripe but usually picked green commercially. The plant attains a height of 5mt. the flowers are 1 inch in diameter, are yellowish white, with a light purple tinged on margins. Flowers and fruits appear throughout the year, but are most abundant from May to September. Lime has an odour similar to lemon, but more is mainly propagated by seeds. The fruits ripen and fall 5-6months after flowering. It is smaller, seedier, has a higher acidity, a stronger aroma, and a thinner rind than that of the Persian lime (Citrus x latifolia). It is valued for its unique flavor compared to other limes, with the key lime usually having a more tart and bitter flavor.

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