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Acacia suma

Acacia suma or Acacia polyacantha is a large or middle sized tree, reaching a height
Botanical Name
Acacia suma
Common Name
White Thorn
Acacia suma Buch.-Ham (syn. Mimosa suma Roxb.), Acacia campylacantha Hochst. ex A. Rich.,Willd., Mimosa suma Roxb., Acacia caffra Willd. var campylacantha Aubrév., Acacia campylacantha (Hochst. Ex A.Rich.) Roberty, Acacia suma Benth.
Collection Locale
Seed Collection period
Aug. - Sept.
Seed Longevity
6-12 months
Seed Purity
Seed Treatment
Usual Germination
Fuel wood
Plant Average Height

General Description:

Acacia suma or Acacia polyacantha is a large or middle sized tree, reaching a height of 20–25 m. Brown or black prickles are present in pairs below each node Leaves  are bi pinnate The glandular leaf petiole is up to 25 cm long, and bears 10-40 pinnae pairs, with 15-60 leaflets pairs on each. The white or cream flowers bear about 6-12 cm long pairs or triplets of spikes. The dark brown and flat pods measure 1-2 cm wide and 7-18 cm long, and contain about 5-10 seeds. Acacia polyacantha seeds are visible inside the pods through their translucent walls. The tree prefers well drained soils within pH range of neutral to alkaline. The tree is primarily grown for its durable wood, gum edible, and medicinal properties. Acacia some roots also has medicinal properties and is useful in the treatment of gonorrhea, gastrointestinal disorders, dysentery and venereal diseases.

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