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Albizia lebbek

Albizzia lebbek a large, erect, unarmed, deciduous
Botanical Name
Albizzia lebbek
Common Name
East Indian Walnut, Siris Tree
A. lebbeck Benth.
Seed Collection period
April - May
Seed Longevity
Very long lived (> 2 years)
Seed Purity
Seed Treatment
Scarification hot water
Usual Germination
Timber Fodder, Fuel, Medicine
Seed Counts per KG
Plant Average Height
18–30 mt.

Albizzia lebbek a large, erect, unarmed, deciduous, spreading tree common all over India, from the plains up to 900m in the Himalayas, and also in the Andamans. Bark dark brown to greenish black, rough, with longitudinal and transverse fissures on outer surface; inner surface whitish with fine longitudinal striations; leaves bipinnate with 8-18 leaflets; inflorescence in globose heads of greenish yellow flowers; pods yellowish brown, strap-shaped with 6-10 seeds.

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