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Phoenix rupicola

Phoenix rupicola is a very graceful palm tree.
Botanical Name
Phoenix repicola
Common Name
Cliff date palm
Phoenix roebelenii
Collection Locale
The mountainous forests of India
300 to 1200 mt.
Seed Collection period
Plant Average Height

Phoenix rupicola is a very graceful palm native to India, and it thrives among the rocks and cliffs in the Himalayan Mountains. It is a tree with a cleaner appearance as the trunk is clean, not retaining the old leaf bases like other date species. As the leaves die they are shed leaving a smooth trunk ringed with narrow scars at the point of attachment. The leaves of palm it apart from the rest. The leaves, which grow to about 10 ft long are bright green color and are arranged in plane on the stem which gives the fronds a flat appearance that combined with their unique, natural curving, arching and twisting form results in a very graceful palm. Flowers are small, creamy yellow, in large clusters, made and female on separate trees. The purplish red fruit is less than 2 cm long and has a thin layer of edible flesh. Flowering: April-May.

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