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Cassia alata

Cassia alata, the leaves of C. alata Linn
Botanical Name
Cassia Alata
Common Name
Candle Bush, Candelabra Bush, Empress Candle Plant, Ringworm Tree or candletree
Cassia alata, Cassia bracteata, Cassia herpetica, Cassia rumphiana, Herpetica alata, Cassia alata, Cassia bracteata, Cassia herpetica
Collection Locale
Near Tropical terrain, INDIA
upto 1000 ft
Seed Collection period
Seed Longevity
1-2 year
Seed Purity
Seed Treatment
Usual Germination
Evergreen, Ornamental, medicinal
Seed Counts per KG
approx 8000
Plant Average Height

General Description

Cassia alata, the leaves of C. alata Linn., are reported to be effective in curing ringworm. The plant attains a height of 10-15ft. Leaves are alternate, even pinnately compound, entire, oblong, obovate, 2-4inches and green in colour. Flower is yellow in colour; flowering occurs in summer, flowers are showy. Pods are 6-12inches, brown in colour. It is moderately drought tolerant. It grows in full sun. Caterpillars cause the problems for plant as they eat foliages and flower buds. Propagation is mainly done by cutting and also by seeds. Bruised leaves are mixed with lime juice and spread over the affected part. A decoction of the leaves and flowers is used internally in bronchitis and asthma, and also for washing eczematous patches. The plant contains chrysophanic acid and is poisonous to stock.

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