Lolium perenne

Lolium perenne is a perennial grass with tufted stems
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General Description:

Lolium perenne is a perennial grass with tufted stems, up to 90cm high, found in western Tibet at c. 4500m.   Leaves flat, hairless, pointed or blunt, up to 30cm long and 1.25cm broad; spikes straight with spikelets stalkless; grain glabrous tightly enclosed in the hardened lemma and palea.This grass has been introduced into Simla, Sikkim, Shillong, Nilgiri and Palni hills.  It is considered worthy of trial in the lower foothills, valleys and highlands of S. India and also in such places as Kangra valley in Punjab, where grassing is deficient. It responds well to cultivation and manuring, and can be grown in mixture with clover and other grass species.  It withstands cuttings and grazing, and yields an excellent fodder for horses, cattle and sheep.