Albizia lebbeck

Albizia lebbeck or Woman's Tongue Tree, a medium-sized
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General Description

Albizia lebbeck or Woman's Tongue Tree, a medium-sized deciduous tree, grows up to a height of 30 m, with a large and spreading crown, up to 30 m across. The tree is a native to Indo-Malasia and northern Australia, and was later successfully introduced in India. The bark is rough, gray and flaky, and stems are grayish-brown. Albizia lebbeck leaves are bipinnate, with upto 5 pinnae across a 8-9 cm long rachis. The 5-10cm long rachilla bears 3-11 pairs of leaflets, which are oblong or asymmetric. Fragrant flowers are present in terminal or axillary semi-globular clusters of 15-40 flowers. Albizia lebbeck flowers are creamy-white in color, with pale green tip, and turn dark yellow with age. The indehiscent Pods are glabrous and measure 12-35 cm in length, and 3 - 6 cm in width. Pods are yellowish-brown in color and contain 3-12 seeds. Albizia lebbeck seeds are brown-colored, ellipsoidal and flattened, and require less pretreatment for successful germination. Albizia lebbeck is drought tolerant and thrives well in a wide range of soils. The tree is a good soil binder a is frequently used for soil erosion control, along with the other uses a source of hardwood and forage.