Moringa Oleifera

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Moringa oleifera, known as Moringa, is native to India but is found throughout the tropics. Moringa is also known as horseradish tree, drumstick tree and mother's best friend. It grows fast and reaches up to 12m. The bark is grey and thick and looks like cork, peeling in patches.
It loses its leaves from December to January and new growth starts in February to March. Moringa produces cream colored flowers when it is 8 months old and the flowering season begins in January and continues through to March. The fruit ripens from April to June and the pods are triangular in cross section, 30 to 50cm long and contain oily, black, winged seeds.

We sold "Special Moringa Seeds"
We offers an indegenius Moringa Oleifera Hybrid seed variety from secured line breeding system .This Unique variety can withstand drought and various environmental ups and downs.

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Moringa Oleifera ready-to-saw Seeds

We cutivates healthy, 99% pure with good germination seeds from matured and healthy Tree.

Moringa Oleifera Seeds Kernel

Kernel offered by us are mainly used for oil extraction and some medical uses around the world.

Moringa Oleifera
Oil from seed kernel

Moringa oil is obtained from pure and healthy seed kernel by proven cold process method.

Moringa Oleifera Seeds Powder

The powder of the Moringa seed is obtained from cold pressing method.

Moringa Oleifera
Dried Leaves

Dried leaves of Moringa are produced by dehydrating naturally the healthy green leaves.

Moringa Oleifera
Leaf Powder

Moringa Leaf powder is extracted from the leaves of Moringa’s tree is used in various ways.

Horticultural Impex
Horticultural Impex is a progressive organization deeply rooted in "The Green Revolution". For almost 28 years we have been serving the growing needs of commercial horticulture in a highly specialized and competitive market of tree seeds including Moringa Oleifera. Over this time we have acquired a practical understanding as well as experience as collector & exporter of Seeds and its products.

As major exporters located in India we supply seeds
and its products to buyers around the world. Our customers are both individuals and organizations. Our location has never been a constraint for us to serve globally with our focus solely on quality. We are confident that we have served our customers well in the past and hope to serve even better in the future.

We have a team of highly qualified experts, who make it a point to collect qualitative natural products that meet the clients’ expectation. This is made possible through their hard work and commitment towards the planet earth.

Our range of offerings is varied as many are rare, unusual and exotic. While some of them are listed here in the website, we can also supply specific requirement of tree seeds that grows in Indian sub continent which may not be listed here.
Our prices are very competitive providing complete value for money to our customer.

We ship globally & economically and take appropriate measures to ensure the seeds are delivered in the speediest yet and most secure way and in the best condition possible.

Buy Seeds from us!
Our company is known to be one of the trusted entities offering pure products. We strive hard to upgrade our capabilities as well as update the product range time to time. Here are some of the factors that make quality conscious buyers choose us:

  • Optimum hygiene and adherence to industry norms

  • Competitive pricing policy

  • State of the art processing facility

  • Stringent quality control processes

  • Team of skilled and hard working professionals

For more information and order,
please contact:

Horticultural Impex

05, Panditwari; PO: Prem Nagar
Dehradun - 248 007 Uttarakhand

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