Medicinal Plant Seeds

Abrus precatorius

Abrus precatorius is a winding climber with glabrescent, mostly greenish yellow young branches

Acacia leucophloea

Acacia leucophloea, a moderate sized, diciduous tree, grows up to 20 m in height

Acer oblongum

Acer oblongum or Himalayam Maple, a medium-sized or evergreen tree, is about 15-20m

Adhatoda zeylanica

Adhatoda zeylanica an evergreen and gregarious

Ammi majus

Ammi majus, commonly known as bishop's flower, bishop’s weed, false bishop’s weed

Argemone mexicana

Argemone mexicana an erect, prickly annual herb, up to 1.2m in height

Argyreia nervosa

Argyreia nervosa a woody climber found throughout India, up to an

Asparagus racemosus

Asparagus racemosus an extensively scandent

Berberis aristata

Berberis aristata, commonly known as Indian Barberry

Bixa orellana

Bixa orellana a shrub or a small tree 2.5, in height

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