Bixa orellana

Bixa orellana
Bixa orellana
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Bixa orellana
*Each PKT is of 500 grams
Botanical Name Bixa orellana
Common Name Annatto, Arnato, Chinese Dye Tree, Lipstick Tree, Monkey Turmeric, Roucou, Saffron Tree
Synonyms B. Orellana Linn.
Collection Locale Tropical areas, INDIA
Altitude up to 5500 ft
Seed Collection period Dec. - Feb.
Seed Longevity 1-2 years
Seed Purity 99%
Seed Treatment n
Usual Germination 50-70%
Characteristics Medicinal, Ornamental
Seed Counts per KG (approx) 40000-60000
Plant Average Height 6-20 feet.

General Description:

Bixa orellana is a shrub or a small tree 6-20 feet in height, found throughout the hotter parts of India. Leaves 10-20c, * 6.5-12.5cm, cordate, acuminate, glabrous, petiole slender; flowers are showy pink or white in terminal panicles; having 5petals, and a dense mass of stamens at the center. Capsules red or green in colour, 3.8cm long, ovoid or subglobose, softly prickly; seeds trigonous, with red pulpy testa. Fruit is 2valved, ovoid red, spiny. Approximately 50 seeeds are there in one pod. It is native to Tropical America, but now widely cultivated throughout the tropical world. Flowering occurs in October-December. From its seeds yellow-orange dye is obtained. Which is obtained by the processing of seeds as they have orange-yellow pigment , bixin and norbixing. The dye is used for the colouring of rice.

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