Acacia mangium

Acacia mangium
Acacia mangium
Acacia mangium
*Each PKT is of 500 grams
Botanical Name Acacia mangium
Common Name Brown Salwood, Black Wattle (Au); Hickory Wattle (Au); Mangium (Au).
Synonyms Racosperma mangium, Acacia glaucescens sensu Kaneh. & Hatus, Mangium montanum Rumph,Racosperma mangium (Willd.) Pedley
Collection Locale Northern/Eastern hills, INDIA
Altitude 2400-6700 ft
Seed Collection period July-Sept
Seed Longevity 1-5 year
Seed Purity 99%
Seed Treatment Boiling treatment, Scarification
Usual Germination 50-60%
Characteristics Evergreen, Timber, Specimen Tree
Seed Counts per KG (approx) 66000-120000
Plant Average Height 25-35mt.

General Description:

Acacia mangium is a very fast growing plantation species, which can attain 15m height and 40cm in 3 years and 23m height in 10 years. Solid wood yield varies with levels of 46mt./ha/yr, and is occasionally attained. The wood is hard, pale yellow with narrow sapwood and close grain. Mature trees are about 35mt. in height and up to 60cm in diameter. The bole is generally straight and matures with-in 12 years. Flowers are white or cream coloured. Acacia mangium seeds are shiny black and small. Juvenile foliage resembles that of Leucaena, Albizzia and other mimosoid legumes.

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