Grevillea robusta

Grevillea robusta
Grevillea robusta
*Each PKT is of 500 grams
Botanical Name Grevillea robusta
Common Name southern silky oak or Silky-oak, or Australian Silver-oak
Synonyms Grevillea Robusta A. Cunn.
Collection Locale Mountains, INDIA
Altitude 2500-5700 ft
Seed Collection period May - June
Seed Longevity Long Lived (1-2 years)
Seed Purity 99%
Seed Treatment Stratifiation
Usual Germination 60-80%
Characteristics Gum, Resin, Timber, Fuel, Plywood, Ornamental
Seed Counts per KG (approx) 100000
Plant Average Height 12mt.

General Description:

Grevillea robusta, a native of Eastern Australia, is an evergreen tree with a long pyramidal crown, growing to a height of 12m. Leaves are alternate, 6-12 inches long, fern-like, deeply pinnatifid, dark green above and silvery below. Grevillea robusta flowers are orange-colored, solitary or several together, borne in 3-4 inches long racemes, on short leafless branches of old wood. The fruit is an oblique, coriaceous follicle, containing 1 or 2 seeds. Grevillea robusta seeds are black in color, and measure 2 cm in length. Grevillea robusta wood in rot resistant, and is used for making furniture, fences and cabinets.

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