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Cover Crops & Green Manuring Seeds

  • Canavalia Ensiformis Seeds

    Canavalia Ensiformis Seeds

    Botanical Name : Canavalia ensiformis

    Common Name : Jack Bean, Horse Bean, Sword bean (Australia), one-eye bean (West Indies)

    Synonyms : C. ensiformis (Linn.) DC.

    Collection Locale : tropical zone

    Altitude : 500- 1800 ft

  • Crotalaria Juncea Seeds

    Crotalaria Juncea Seeds

    Botanical Name : Crotalaria Juncea

    Common Name : Sunn or Sann Hemp, Indian hemp, Madras hemp (En), Chanvre indien (Fr.)

    Synonyms : Crotalaria juncea Linn., Crotalaria benghalensis Lam., Crotalaria fenestrata Sims

    Collection Locale : South East plains, INDIA

    Altitude : 1500-2500 ft

  • Indigofera Tinctoria Seeds

    Indigofera Tinctoria Seeds

    Botanical Name : Indigofera tinctoria

    Common Name : Common Indigo, Indian Indigo

    Synonyms : Indigofera tinctoria. Linn (Fl. Br. Ind.) in part.

    Collection Locale : Throughout India

    Altitude : Up to 1500ft.

  • Leucaena Leucocephala Seeds

    Leucaena Leucocephala Seeds

    Seed Collection period : Aug. - Feb.

    Seed Longevity : Long Lived (1-2 years)

    Seed Purity : 99%

    Seed Treatment : A,Acid (H2SO4) Scarification

    Usual Germination : 85%

  • Mucuna Bracteata Seeds

    Mucuna Bracteata Seeds

    Botanical Name : Mucuna Bracteata

    Synonyms : Mucuna bracteata DC.

    Collection Locale : Tripura, India

    Seed Collection period : Nov-Dec

  • Nelumbo Nucifera Seeds

    Nelumbo Nucifera Seeds

    Common Name : Sacred Lotus, Indian Lotus, Chinese Water Lily

    Synonyms : N. nucifera Gaertn. syn. Nelumbium nelumbo Druce; N. speciosum Willd.

    Seed Purity : 99%

    Seed Treatment : Water for a week

    Usual Germination : 70%

  • Pueraria Javanica Seeds

    Pueraria Javanica Seeds

    Common Name : Kudzu

    Synonyms : Pueraria javanica Benth.

    Collection Locale : Tropical areas, INDIA

    Altitude : Upto 8000 ft

    Seed Collection period : Oct. - Nov.

  • Sesbania Sesban Seeds

    Sesbania Sesban Seeds

    Common Name : Common sesban, Egyptian rattle pod

    Synonyms : Sesbania Cannabina (Retz.) Pers. Syn. Sesbania tchadica A. Chev

    Seed Collection period : May-July

    Seed Longevity : Very Short Lived (1-6 Months)

    Usual Germination : 75-90%

  • Cajanus Cajan Seeds

    Cajanus Cajan Seeds

    Botanical Name : Cajanus cajan

    Common Name : Red Gram, Pigeon Pea, Cogno Pea

    Collection Locale : U.P, M.P, Bihar, Madras, Bombay, India

    Altitude : 300mt.- 1300mt.

    Seed Collection period : November

  • Cassia Auriculata Seeds

    Cassia Auriculata Seeds

    Botanical Name : Cassia auriculata

    Common Name : The tanners cassia, Avaram

    Synonyms : C. auriculata Linn.

    Collection Locale : Tropical and foot hills of India

    Altitude : 1500-3800 feet

  • Cassia Occidentalis Seeds

    Cassia Occidentalis Seeds

    Botanical Name : Cassia occidentalis

    Common Name : The Negro Coffee, Coffee Senna, coffeeweed,

    Synonyms : Cassia occidentalis Linn., Senna occidentalis , Senna occidentalis (L.) Link

    Collection Locale : Humid tropical areas, INDIA

    Altitude : 1200-2500 feet

  • Dolichos Biflorus Seeds

    Dolichos Biflorus Seeds

    Botanical Name : Dolichos biflorus

    Common Name : Horsegram

    Synonyms : D. biflorus Linn.

    Collection Locale : Plains and low terrain, INDIA

    Altitude : upto 1700 ft

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