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Fruit Tree Seeds

  • Carica Papaya Seeds

    Carica Papaya Seeds

    Botanical Name : Carica papaya

    Common Name : The papaya

    Synonyms : C. papaya Linn., Papaya carica Gaertn

    Collection Locale : Through out the INDIA

    Altitude : Up to 5500 Ft

  • Malus Sylvestris Seeds

    Malus Sylvestris Seeds

    Common Name : Cultivated Apple

    Synonyms : M. pumila Mill. Syn. M. Communis DC.: M. sylvestris Hort. Non. Mill.: M. domestica Borkh.: Pyrus mal

    Collection Locale : North himalayas INDIA

    Altitude : 1500 to 7500 ft

    Seed Collection period : Oct-Nov

  • Mangifera Indica Seeds

    Mangifera Indica Seeds

    Common Name : Mango

    Synonyms : M. indica Linn. (Anacardiaceae)

    Collection Locale : Through out the INDIA

    Altitude : 500 to 5500 ft

    Seed Collection period : April-June

  • Achras Zapota Seeds

    Achras Zapota Seeds

    Botanical Name : Achras zapota

    Common Name : Sapodilla

    Synonyms : Manilkara zapota

    Collection Locale : Large scale of India

    Plant Average Height : 60ft.

  • Citrus Aurantifolia Seeds

    Citrus Aurantifolia Seeds

    Botanical Name : Citrus aurantifolia

    Common Name : Key lime, West Indian lime, bartenders lime, Omani lime, or Mexican lime

    Synonyms : Citurs acida Roxb., Citurs lima Lunan, Citurs medica var.acida Brandis, Limonia aurantifolia Christm

    Collection Locale : warm valleys of Himalayas and plains of India

    Altitude : Up to 4000ft.

  • Cydonia Oblonga Seeds

    Cydonia Oblonga Seeds

    Common Name : Quince

    Synonyms : Cydonia vulgaris.

    Collection Locale : Northern Mountains INDIA

    Altitude : 3500 to 7500 ft

    Seed Collection period : Oct-Nov

  • Morus Alba Seeds

    Morus Alba Seeds

    Common Name : White Mulberry

    Synonyms : Morus alba Linn.

    Collection Locale : Through out the INDIA

    Altitude : Up to 4500 Ft

    Seed Collection Period : After August

  • Aegle Marmelos Seeds

    Aegle Marmelos Seeds

    Botanical Name : Aegle marmelos

    Synonyms : A. marmelos (Linn.) Correa ex Roxb., Crataeva marmelos L., Feronia pellucida Roth.

    Collection Locale : Western Himalyas and Andaman Islands.

    Altitude : 1200-6000 ft

    Seed Collection period : March-June

  • Anacardium Occidentale Seeds

    Anacardium Occidentale Seeds

    Botanical Name : Anacardium occidentale

    Common Name : Cashew Nut, Cashew Apple, Caju

    Synonyms : Anacardium occidentale Linn.

    Collection Locale : Goa, Western and southern ghats, INDIA

    Altitude : up to 1100 ft

  • Annona Squamosa Seeds

    Annona Squamosa Seeds

    Botanical Name : Annona squamosa

    Common Name : Custard-Apple, Sugar-Apple, Sweetsop

    Synonyms : Annona squamosa Linn, Annona biflora Moç & Sessé, Annona cinerea Dunhal, Annona forskahlii DC

    Collection Locale : Through the India

    Altitude : up to 2000mt.

  • Artocarpus Heterophyllus Seeds

    Artocarpus Heterophyllus Seeds

    Botanical Name : Artocarpus heterophyllus

    Common Name : Jackfruit, Jack tree

    Collection Locale : Western Ghats, INDIA

    Altitude : 450-1200mt.

    Seed Collection period : May - July

  • Artocarpus Lakoocha Seeds

    Artocarpus Lakoocha Seeds

    Botanical Name : Artocarpus lakoocha

    Common Name : Lakoocha, Monkey Jack

    Synonyms : Artocarpus lacucha, Artocarpus ficifolius

    Collection Locale : North Eastern valley, INDIA

    Altitude : 1800mt.

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