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Grass & Fodder Seeds

  • Canavalia Gladiata Seeds

    Canavalia Gladiata Seeds

    Botanical Name : Canavalia gladiata

    Common Name : Sword Bean

    Synonyms : Bromus inermis Leyss.

    Collection Locale : Plains of INDIA

    Altitude : upto 1000 ft

  • Cenchrus Ciliaris Seeds

    Cenchrus Ciliaris Seeds

    Botanical Name : Cenchrus Ciliaris

    Common Name : Buffel grass (Australia), African foxtail (United States, Kenya), dhaman grass, anjan grass

    Synonyms : Cenchrus ciliaris Linn. Syn. Pennisetum cenchroides Rich.; Pennisetum ciliare Link, Cenchrus glaucus

    Collection Locale : Humid and temprate zones

    Altitude : Upto 2000mt.

  • Celtis Australis Seeds

    Celtis Australis Seeds

    Common Name : Hackberries

    Plant Average Height : 10-25mt.

  • Cenchrus Setigerus Seeds

    Cenchrus Setigerus Seeds

    Botanical Name : Cenchrus Setigerus

    Collection Locale : North-West, INDIA

    Altitude : 500-800mt.

    Seed Collection period : Mar- April

    Seed Longevity : 1-2 year

  • Medicago Sativa Seeds

    Medicago Sativa Seeds

    Common Name : Lucene, Alfalfa

    Synonyms : M. sativa Linn.

    Seed Collection period : Jan.-Feb

    Seed Longevity : Long Lived (1-2 years)

    Seed Treatment : Not Required

  • Dichanthium Annulatum Seeds

    Dichanthium Annulatum Seeds

    Botanical Name : Dichanthium annulatum

    Collection Locale : Through out the plains of India and Hills

    Altitude : 5000ft.

    Seed Collection period : Sept.-Nov.

    Seed Longevity : 6-12year

  • Stylosanthes Scabra Seeds

    Stylosanthes Scabra Seeds

    Common Name : Shrubby stylo (Australia), Capitan Juan and pata de terecay (Venezuela).

    Synonyms : Diarthra Blake; S. gloiodes Blake; S. plicata Blake.

    Collection Locale : North East Mountains, INDIA

    Altitude : 3500-5500 ft

    Seed Collection period : Nov. - Dec.

  • Lolium Perenne Seeds

    Lolium Perenne Seeds

    Common Name : Perenial Rye Grass

    Synonyms : L. perenne Linn.

    Seed Purity : 99%

    Seed Treatment : n

  • Panicum Maximum Seeds

    Panicum Maximum Seeds

    Botanical Name : Panicum Maximum

    Common Name : Guinea grass (Australia, United States), zaina, pasto Guinea (Peru), gramalote (Puerto Rico)

    Synonyms : Panicum abscissum Swallen, Panicum acostia R.D.Webster

    Altitude : Sea level up to 2500 mt.

    Seed Collection period : June- July

  • Stylosanthes Hamata Seeds

    Stylosanthes Hamata Seeds

    Botanical Name : Stylosanthes hamata

    Common Name : Caribbean stylo (Australia); pencil flower, mother segal (West Indies)

    Synonyms : Hedysarum hamatum L.; Stylosanthes procumbens Sw.; S. eriocarpa Blake.

    Seed Purity : 99%

    Seed Treatment : N

  • Trifolium Alexandrinum Seeds

    Trifolium Alexandrinum Seeds

    Botanical Name : Trifolium alexandrinum

    Common Name : Berseem, Egyptian Clover;

    Synonyms : Trifolium alexandrinum sensu auct.,Trifolium alexandrinum subsp. berytheum (Boiss. & Blanche) Ponert

    Collection Locale : Northern/ Eastern hills, INDIA

    Altitude : upto 1500mt

  • Trifolium Pratense Seeds

    Trifolium Pratense Seeds

    Botanical Name : Trifolium pratense

    Common Name : Purple Clover, Red clover;

    Synonyms : Trifolium borysthenicum Gruner, Trifolium bracteatum Schousb.

    Collection Locale : Southern sea cost, INDIA

    Altitude : up to1500 ft

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