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Berberis aristata

Berberis aristata, commonly known as Indian Barberry
Botanical Name
Berberis aristata
Common Name
Indian Barberry or Tree Turmeric, Ophthalmic barberry
Berberis chitria., Berberis coriaria.
Collection Locale
Hiamlyas and now cultivated in Assam and Bihar
Seed Collection period
Seed Longevity
1 year
Seed Purity
Seed Treatment
Usual Germination
Medicinal, Ornamental
Seed Counts per KG
Plant Average Height

General Description:

Berberis aristata, commonly known as Indian Barberry, is an erect glabrous spinescent shrub, growing to about 3-6m in height. Leaves measure about 5 cm in length, and are spiny, toothed, leathery, lanceolate and acuminate. Flowers are hermaphrodite, perigynous, stalked and yellow in color, with an average diameter of 12.5 mm. Berberis aristata fruits are ovoid and globulose, aconite white in color, and produce 2-5 pink or yellow Berberis aristata seeds. The plant is self fertile, and pollinated by insects, self. It prefers dry or moist soil. The tree possesses medicinal properties and almost all of its parts are used in the treatment of various diseases. Rasaut, prepared by boiling the roots of Berberis aristata roots in water, is used in Aurveds for treatment of many diseases including, liver infection, stomach ache, jaundice and piles. It is used as an antiseptic, anti-inflamatory, antipyretic. The plant contais Vitamin C, tannin, pectin and minerals. Which include potassium, phosphorous, calcium iron magnesium.

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