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Jatropha curcas

Jatropha curcas a large shrub, 3 - 4 m high, native of tropica America,
Botanical Name
Jatropha curcas
Common Name
Barbados Nut, Purging Nut, Physic Nut, or JCL
Jatropha curcas Linnaeus
Collection Locale
Tropical and sub tropical region of INDIA
upto 1000 ft
Seed Collection period
Seed Longevity
1-5 year
Seed Purity
Seed Treatment
N, CW1, CW3
Usual Germination
Evergreen, Ornamental, fruit, medicinal
Seed Counts per KG

General Description:

Jatropha curcas a large shrub, 3 - 4 m high, native of tropica America, occuring almost throughout India and in Andaman Islands. Leaves alternate, 10 - 15 cm X 7.5 - 12.5cm broadly ovate, cordate, acute, usually palmately 3 or 5 lobed, glabrous; flowers in loose panicles of cymes, yellowish green, c 7 mm. across; fruits c. 2.5 cm. long, ovoid, black, breaking in to three 2 valved cocci; seeds ovoid-oblong, dull brownish black.  The plant is reported to have been introduced into Asia and Africa by the Portuguese as an oil-yielding plant.  It is cultivated to a certain extent as an oilseed crop in Cape Verde Islands; a yield of 350-1000 lb of seeds per acre has been reported.

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