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Juglans regia

Juglans regia a large, deciduous, monoecious tree with tomentose shoots
Botanical Name
Juglans regia
Common Name
Persian walnut, English walnut, common walnut
Juglans duclouxiana Dode, J. fallax Dode, J. kamaonia (C. de Candolle) Dode, J. orientis Dode, J. regia var. sinensis C. de Candolle, J. sinensis (C. de Candolle) Dode
Collection Locale
Northern mountains INDIA
3300 to 6600 ft
Seed Collection period
Seed Longevity
Moderate Long Lived (6-12 months)
Seed Purity
Seed Treatment
Usual Germination
Evergreen, nut, Ornamental, Timber
Seed Counts per KG

General Description:

Juglans regia a large, deciduous, monoecious tree with tomentose shoots, found throughout the Himalayas and hills of Assam at altitudes of 3,000-11,000 ft. Bark grey, longitudinally fissured; leaves alternate, imparipinnate, 6-15 in. long; leaflets 5-13, subsessile, elliptic  to oblong-lanceolate, 3-8 in. x 1.5-4 in., usually entire; flowers small, yellowish green; male in pendulous slender catkins, 2-5 in. long, female in 1-3 flowered, terminal catkings; fruit a green drupe with leathery exocarp, indehiscent, elliposoid-globose, c. 2 in. across; endocarp hard, woody, wrinkled, 2-valve, enclosing 4-lobed, corrugated, oily, elible seed.

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