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Mucuna bracteata

Mucuna bracteata is a leguminous plant. It is a nitrogen-regulating
Botanical Name
Mucuna bracteata
Mucuna bracteata DC.
Collection Locale
Tripura, India
Seed Collection period

Mucuna bracteata has green leaf foliage with leguminous nodules producing fixed nitrogen leading to amino acids. The seed of the legume of the Mucuna bracteata weighs about 90–190 mg each and is black in colour. This seed, as it is a legume, provides health benefits on its own, individually, for direct consumption. The foliage of the plant creates a shade covering over the soil it occupies, having a height of approximately 30–50 cm off the ground. This plant is a creeping type which grows rapidly and controls weed population in planted areas. With a release of leave foliage, the plant provides good mulching and composting properties to the soil surrounding it.

Mucuna bracteata originates from North India in forest areas of the Tripura State. India specifically utilizes this cover crop in Kerala, India, on local rubber plantations to sustain their rubber tree crop with its primary purpose to increase nitrogen levels in the soil, in turn improving soil health and fertility.

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