Cynodon dactylon

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Cynodon dactylon a hardy perennial grass with creeping culms,
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General Description:

Cynodon dactylon is a hardy perennial grass with creeping culms, rooting at nodes and forming spreading mats on the surface of the soil. Stems are short jointed. Leaves are flat and spreading. The ligule is a circle of white hairs. Leaves may be hairy or smooth. Seedheads are usually in one whorl of 3 to 7 spikes, each about 1 to 2-1/2 inches long. Some robust forms may have up to 10 spikes in 2 whorls. The grass grows throughout India ascending up to 8000 ft. It is particularly abundant on roadside and paths, and readily takes possession of any uncultivated area. It grows on all kinds of soil, even on alkali soil, but prefers heavier types. It flowers nearly throughout the year.The plant varies greatly in habit according to soil and climate. It is readily propagated by cuttings and rootings; propagation by seeds is also possible.