Ficus elastica

Ficus elastica A large, handsome evergreen tree
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General Description:

Ficus elastica is a large, handsome evergreen tree, with a dense crown of dark green foliage and spreading branches, epiphytic in early stages, attaining a height up to 40mt. when full grown; aerial roots numerous, often much buttressed and fluted in the trunk; leaves elliptic or obovate, entire, basally acute, 5-10 in. long, coriaceous, with prominent midribs; bak greyish or reddish brown, fairly smooth but scurfy, flowers are numerous, monoecious, creamy, yellow or green, in axillary pubescent panicles, sweet-scented, small; female flowers apical, the more numerous male flowers lateral in the inflorescence; petals absent; fruit a 3-lobed, 3-seeded ellipsoidal capsule, each carpel with 1 seed; seeds ellipsoidal, variable in size, 2.5–3 cm long, mottled brown, lustrous, weighing 2–4 g each.