Anethum sowa

Anethum sowa an annual, glabrous, aromatic herb
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General Description:

Anethum sowa an annual, glabrous, aromatic herb, up to 1.2m in height, cultivated throughout India chiefly in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharasshtra, Assam and West Bengal. It is sometimes met with as a weed of cultivation and even as an escape in irrigated fields. Leaves decompound, ultimate segments filiform, 8.3mm long; flowers pale yellow in compound umbels; fruits subelliptical, dorsally compressed 3.0-5.0mm x1.5-2.5mm, glabrous, with 3 longitudinal ridges, winged, with 2 mericarps, the mericarps remain joined together even under stored conditions, vittae with marginal walls appearing irregular, and having thickenings near the angles.