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Medicinal Plant Seeds

  • Abrus Precatorius Seeds

    Abrus Precatorius Seeds

    Botanical Name : Abrus precatorius

    Common Name : Indian liquorice

    Synonyms : Glycine abrus L., Abrus abrus (L.) W. Wight

    Collection Locale : Northern/ Eastern hills, INDIA

    Altitude : 1050m

  • Centella Asiatica Seeds

    Centella Asiatica Seeds

    Botanical Name : Centella asiatica

    Common Name : Centella, Pennywort, Jal Brhami, Mandookaparni

    Synonyms : Hydrocotyle asiatica L., Trisanthus cochinchinensis, Hydrocotyle cordifolia. Hydrocotyle repanda.

    Collection Locale : Through out the INDIA

    Altitude : Up to 4500 Ft

  • Cytisus Scoparius Seeds

    Cytisus Scoparius Seeds

    Common Name : Common Broom and Scotch Broom

    Synonyms : Sarothamnus scoparius, Spartium scoparium. Sarothamnus bourgaei. Sarothamnus vulgaris.

    Collection Locale : Temprate zones of tropical India

    Altitude : 1000-2500 ft

    Seed Collection period : Aug.-Nov.

  • Gmelina Arborea Seeds

    Gmelina Arborea Seeds

    Common Name : Beechwood, Gmelina, Goomar teak, Kashmir tree, Malay beechwood, White teak, Vemane

    Synonyms : Gmelina, arborea Roxb.

    Gmelina, arborea Roxb. : Plains and low terrain, INDIA

    Altitude : Upto 1700 Ft

    Seed Collection Period : May - June

  • Jatropha Curcas Seeds

    Jatropha Curcas Seeds

    Common Name : Barbados Nut, Purging Nut, Physic Nut, or JCL

    Synonyms : Jatropha curcas Linnaeus

    Collection Locale : Tropical and sub tropical region of INDIA

    Altitude : Upto 1000 Ft

    Seed Collection period : April-May

  • Mucuna Pruriens Seeds

    Mucuna Pruriens Seeds

    Common Name : Common Cowitch, Cowhage

    Synonyms : Mucuna prurita Hook. syn. Mucuna pruriens Baker, Dolichos pruriens, Mucuna prurita, Mucuna esquiroli

    Collection Locale : Tropical areas, INDIA

    Altitude : 800-3500 ft

    Seed Longevity : 6-12 months

  • Peganum Harmala Seeds

    Peganum Harmala Seeds

    Common Name : Harmal, Syrian Rue, Foreign Henna, Wild Rue

    Synonyms : Peganum harmala Linn., Peganum dauricum

    Collection Locale : Tropical Areas, India

    Altitude : 1650mt.

    Seed Collection period : After October

  • Sapindus Detergens Seeds

    Sapindus Detergens Seeds

    Common Name : Ritha, Soap Nut Tree

    Synonyms : Dittelasma Hook.f.

    Collection Locale : Hills and plains, INDIA

    Altitude : Upto 7500 Ft

    Seed Collection period : Nov-Dec

  • Sida Acuta Seeds

    Sida Acuta Seeds

    Botanical Name : Sida acuta

    Common Name : Broom grass; Broomweeds; cheeseweed; clock plant; common fanpetals; common wireweed; morning mallow

    Synonyms : Sida carpinifolia L.f., Sida acuta subsp. carpinifolia (L. f.) Borss. Waalk. , Sida acuta var. hispi

  • Terminalia Catappa Seeds

    Terminalia Catappa Seeds

    Common Name : Indian Almond tree

    Synonyms : Terminalia intermedia Bertero ex Spreng.,Terminalia subcordata Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd.,Terminalia m

    Collection Locale : Plains and low terrain, INDIA

    Altitude : 800-3500 ft

    Seed Collection period : June

  • Terminalia Chebula Seeds

    Terminalia Chebula Seeds

    Common Name : Harad, Haritaki, Yellow Myrobalan or Chebulic Myrobalan

    Synonyms : Terminalia argyrophylla King & Prain,Terminalia zeylanica Van Heurck & Müll. Arg.

    Collection Locale : Northern/ Eastern hills, INDIA

    Altitude : 2400-3700 ft

    Seed Collection Period : Jan.-march

  • Acacia Leucophloea Seeds

    Acacia Leucophloea Seeds

    Botanical Name : Acacia leucophloea

    Common Name : Reonja, White Bark Acacia, Brewers acacia, distillers acacia, Panicled acacia.

    Collection Locale : Himalayan mountains, INDIA

    Altitude : 2400-4800 ft

    Seed Collection period : Feb-April

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