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Palms & Cycads Seeds

  • Caryota Mitis Seeds

    Caryota Mitis Seeds

    Botanical Name : Caryota mitis

    Common Name : Fishtail Palm, Burmese Fishtail Palm

    Collection Locale : Tropical Rain Forests, India

    Altitude : Upto 3000 Ft

    Seed Collection period : Sept-Oct

  • Caryota Urens Seeds

    Caryota Urens Seeds

    Botanical Name : Caryota urens

    Common Name : Solitary fishtail palm, toddy palm, wine palm, jaggery palm

    Collection Locale : Costal Area and Rain Forests, India

    Altitude : Upto 1200mt

    Seed Collection period : Sept-oct

  • Chrysalidocarpus Lutescens Seeds

    Chrysalidocarpus Lutescens Seeds

    Botanical Name : Chrysalidocarpus lutescens

    Common Name : Yellow butterfly palm, areca palm, bamboo palm

    Synonyms : Areca lutescens Bory, Hyophorbe indica Gaertn & H. commersoncana Mart., Dypsis lutescens

    Collection Locale : tropical areas, INDIA

    Altitude : Up To1500 Ft

  • Cycas Circinalis Seeds

    Cycas Circinalis Seeds

    Botanical Name : Cycas circinalis

    Common Name : Queen sago, sago palm

    Synonyms : Cycas Beddomei.

    Collection Locale : Western Ghats & hilly regions of the southern peninsula, INDIA

    Altitude : Up To1500 Ft

  • Livistona Chinensis Seeds

    Livistona Chinensis Seeds

    Botanical Name : Livistona chinensis

    Common Name : Chinese fan palm or fountain palm

    Synonyms : Livistona oliviformis Hassk Mart

    Collection Locale : Tropical terrain, INDIA

    Altitude : upto 1800 ft

  • Phoenix Acaulis Seeds

    Phoenix Acaulis Seeds

    Botanical Name : Phoenix acaulis

    Common Name : Dwarf Date Palm

    Synonyms : Phoenix acaulis Roxb.

    Collection Locale : Throughout India

    Altitude : 350 to 1500 mt.

  • Phoenix Canariensis Seeds

    Phoenix Canariensis Seeds

    Botanical Name : Phoenix canariensis

    Common Name : Canary Island date palm

    Collection Locale : Throughout the India

    Altitude : Upto 4000 Ft

    Seed Collection period : July-Aug

  • Areca Catechu Seeds

    Areca Catechu Seeds

    Botanical Name : Areca cathecu

    Common Name : Arecanut or Betelnut palm, Areca Palm, Pinang Palm, Supari palm,

    Synonyms : Areca catechu Linn.

    Collection Locale : Assam, coastal areas of Kerala and Karnataka in India

    Altitude : Upto 3000 Ft

  • Cycas Revoluta Seeds

    Cycas Revoluta Seeds

    Botanical Name : Cycas revoluta

    Common Name : King sago palm, sago palm, Japanese sago palm

    Collection Locale : Coastal area INDIA

    Altitude : Up To1500 Ft

    Seed Collection period : Sept. - Nov.

  • Phoenix Dactylifera Seeds

    Phoenix Dactylifera Seeds

    Common Name : Date Palm

    Synonyms : Phoenix dactylifera Linn.

    Collection Locale : Throughout the INDIA

    Altitude : Upto 4000 Ft

    Seed Collection period : Aug. - Sept.

  • Trachycarpus Fortunei Seeds

    Trachycarpus Fortunei Seeds

    Common Name : Chusan Palm, Windmill Palm or Chinese Windmill Palm

    Synonyms : Chamaerops excelsa hort. Chamaerops fortunei Hook. T. wagnerianus hort. ex Becc

    Collection Locale : Southern sea cost, INDIA

    Altitude : Upto 1000 Ft

    Characteristics : Evergreen, Ornamental

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