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Salt Tolerant Seeds

  • Salt Tolerant Tree Seeds

    Botanical Name : Acacia holosericea

    Common Name : Soapbush wattle or Strap Wattle, Candelabra wattle

    Synonyms : Acacia holosericea var. typica Domin,Acacia holosericea var. neurocarpa (Hook.) Domin,

    Collection Locale : Hills and low terrain, INDIA

    Altitude : Upto 5500 Ft

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    Salt Tolerant Tree Seeds

  • Salt Tolerant Vines Seeds

    Seed Purity : 99%

    Seed Longevity : 1-2 years

    Seed Counts per KG : 3000

    Plant Average Height : 1-4mt.

    Characteristics : Evergreen, Ornamental, fruit, medicinal

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    Salt Tolerant Vines Seeds

  • Salt Tolerant Shrub Seeds

    Botanical Name : Lantana camara

    Common Name : Spanish Flag or West Indian Lantana, Red (Yellow, Wild) Sage

    Synonyms : Lantana aculeata, Lantana armata

    Collection Locale : Plains and low terrain, INDIA

    Altitude : upto 2000ft

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    Salt Tolerant Shrub Seeds

  • Salt Tolerant Palm Seeds

    Botanical Name : Roystonea regia

    Common Name : Cuban royal palm, Florida royal palm, or simply the royal palm

    Synonyms : Roystonea regia var. hondurensis P.H.Allen,Roystonea regia var. maisiana L.H.Bailey

    Collection Locale : Throughout the INDIA

    Altitude : upto 2500 ft

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    Salt Tolerant Palm Seeds

  • ST Ground Cover Seeds

    Common Name : Dhub grass, Bermuda or Bahama Grass

    Synonyms : C. dactylon Pers

    Collection Locale : Plains of India

    Altitude : 500- 1500 ft

    Seed Collection period : Oct-Dec

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    ST Ground Cover Seeds

Tree & Plant Seeds

  • Conifers Seeds

    Botanical Name : Araucaria cunninghamii

    Common Name : Colonialpine and Queensland pine

    Synonyms : A.cookii R.Br.ex Lindl. Syn. A.columnaris(Forst.) Hook.

    Collection Locale : South East, plains- INDIA

    Altitude : Upto 1500 Ft

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    Conifers Seeds

  • Multipurpose Tree Seeds

    Botanical Name : Dalbergia latifolia

    Synonyms : Amerimnon latifolium

    Collection Locale : Tropical area, INDIA

    Altitude : upto 1500 ft

    Seed Collection period : Jan. -Mar.

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    Multipurpose Tree Seeds

  • Ornamental Shrubs Seeds

    Botanical Name : Caesalpinia pulcherrima

    Common Name : Peacock Flower; Barbadoes Pride, Dwarf poinciana

    Synonyms : C. pulcherrima (Linn.) Sw. (Poinciana pulcherrima Linn.)

    Collection Locale : Nea Tropical terrain, INDIA

    Altitude : Upto 1000 Ft

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    Ornamental Shrubs Seeds

  • Ornamental Plant Seeds

    Botanical Name : Bahuinia Purpurea

    Common Name : The Geranium Tree

    Synonyms : Bauhinia rosea Corner, Bauhinia triandra Roxb.

    Collection Locale : Large scale of India

    Plant Average Height : 20-25ft.

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    Ornamental Plant Seeds

  • Bamboo Seeds

    Botanical Name : Bambusa arundinacea

    Common Name : The spiny or Thorny Bamboo

    Synonyms : B. arundinacea (Retz.) Roxb.; Gamble (F1 Br Ind) in part, syn. B. bambos Druce

    Collection Locale : Throughout India

    Altitude : 2100mt.

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    Bamboo Seeds

  • Palms & Cycads Seeds

    Botanical Name : Areca cathecu

    Common Name : Arecanut or Betelnut palm, Areca Palm, Pinang Palm, Supari palm,

    Synonyms : Areca catechu Linn.

    Collection Locale : Assam, coastal areas of Kerala and Karnataka in India

    Altitude : Upto 3000 Ft

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    Palms & Cycads Seeds

  • Beverage Plant Seeds

    Botanical Name : Camellia sinensis

    Common Name : The tea Plant

    Synonyms : C. sinensis (Linn.) O. Kuntze syn. C. thea Link; C. theifera Griff.

    Collection Locale : North Eastern valley, INDIA

    Altitude : 3000-7000 ft

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    Beverage Plant Seeds

  • Fruit Tree Seeds

    Botanical Name : Carica papaya

    Common Name : The papaya

    Synonyms : C. papaya Linn., Papaya carica Gaertn

    Collection Locale : Through out the INDIA

    Altitude : Up to 5500 Ft

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    Fruit Tree Seeds

  • Medicinal Plant Seeds

    Botanical Name : Abrus precatorius

    Common Name : Indian liquorice

    Synonyms : Glycine abrus L., Abrus abrus (L.) W. Wight

    Collection Locale : Northern/ Eastern hills, INDIA

    Altitude : 1050m

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    Medicinal Plant Seeds

Essential Oil Bearing Plants Seeds

  • Cymbopogon Martinii Seeds

    Plant Average Height : 5-8ft.

    Characteristics : Perennial, Medicinal, Perfumes

    Usual Germination : 60-70%

    Seed Purity : 99%

    Seed Longevity : 6-12months

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    Cymbopogon Martinii Seeds

  • Arachis Hypogea Seeds

    Botanical Name : Arachis hypogea

    Common Name : Peanut or Groundnut

    Synonyms : Arachis nambyquarae Hoehne,Lathyrus esquirolii H. Lév.

    Collection Locale : India

    Plant Average Height : 30 to 50 cm

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    Arachis Hypogea Seeds

  • Cymbopogon Flexuosus Seeds

    Botanical Name : Cymbopogon flexuosus

    Common Name : East Indian Lemon grass, Malabar or Cochin Lemongrass, Fever Grass

    Synonyms : Cymbopogon flexuosus Steud. Wats. Syn. Andropogon nardus var. flexuosus Hack.

    Collection Locale : India (Travancore, Cochin)

    Altitude : Upto 1500mt.

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    Cymbopogon Flexuosus Seeds

  • Vetiveria Zizanioides Seeds

    Botanical Name : Vetiveria zizanioides

    Common Name : Vetiver, Khas-Khas, Khus-Khus

    Synonyms : Vetiveria odoratissima Lem.-Lis., Vetiveria odorata Virey

    Collection Locale : Throughout the Plains and Lower Hills of India

    Altitude : 1200 m

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    Vetiveria Zizanioides Seeds

Condiments & Spices Seeds

  • Myristica Fragrans Seeds

    Botanical Name : Myristica fragrans

    Common Name : Nutmeg Tree

    Synonyms : Murraya fragrans Houtt.

    Collection Locale : Madras, India

    Altitude : Upto 2,242 ft

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    Myristica Fragrans Seeds

  • Nigella Sativa Seeds

    Botanical Name : Nigella sativa

    Common Name : Small Fennel, Black Cumin, Black Onion Seed, Blackseed, Black Caraway, Nutmeg Plant

    Synonyms : Nigella sativa Linn.

    Collection Locale : Throughout India

    Altitude : 230mt.-1200mt.

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    Nigella Sativa Seeds

  • Piper Nigrum For Germination

    Brand Name : Horticultural Impex

    Shelf Life : 1 Year

    Form : Plant

    Packaging Type : Plastic Packet

    Usage : Germination Purpose

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    Piper Nigrum For Germination

  • Trachyspermum Ammi Seeds

    Botanical Name : Trachyspermum ammi

    Common Name : Carum, Ajowan

    Synonyms : Trachyspermum copticum (L.) Link, Athamanta ajowan Wall.

    Collection Locale : Throughout India

    Altitude : Upto 1700ft

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    Trachyspermum Ammi Seeds

  • Trachyspermum Roxburghianum Seeds

    Botanical Name : Trachyspermum roxburghianum

    Common Name : Wild Celery

    Synonyms : Trachyspermum involucratum Wolff non Marie,Carum roxburghianum Benth ex Kurz

    Collection Locale : Throughout India

    Altitude : Upto 1700ft.

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    Trachyspermum Roxburghianum Seeds

  • Trigonella Foenum-graecum Seeds

    Botanical Name : Trigonella foenum-graecum

    Common Name : Fenugreek; Sans.: Methika, Chandrika, Asumodhagam

    Synonyms : Trigonella tibetana (Alef.) Vassilcz., Foenum-graecum officinale var. tibetanum Alef.

    Collection Locale : Throughout India

    Altitude : Upto 1700ft.

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    Trigonella Foenum-graecum Seeds

  • Murraya Koenigii Seeds

    Botanical Name : Murraya Koenigii

    Common Name : Curry Leaf Tree

    Synonyms : Murraya koenigii (Linn.) Spreng., Bergera koenigii (L.) Roxb.

    Collection Locale : Throughout India

    Altitude Upto : 4500ft.

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    Murraya Koenigii Seeds

  • Anethum Sowa Seeds

    Botanical Name : Anethum sowa

    Common Name : Indian Dill, Sowa

    Collection Locale : Southern sea cost, INDIA

    Altitude : upto 1000 ft

    Seed Purity : 99%

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    Anethum Sowa Seeds

  • Apium Graveolens Seeds

    Botanical Name : Apium graveolens

    Common Name : Celery

    Collection Locale : Foot-hills of north-west Himalayas,outline hills of Punjab, Himanchal Pradesh & U.P

    Altitude : 2286mt.

    Seed Collection period : Aug. - Sep.

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    Apium Graveolens Seeds

  • Coriandrum Sativum Seeds

    Botanical Name : Coriandrum sativum

    Common Name : Cilantro, Chinese parsley,dhania, coriander

    Synonyms : Coriandropsis syriaca, Coriandrum globosum, Selinum coriandrum

    Collection Locale : Through out in India

    Altitude : Up to 1500ft.

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    Coriandrum Sativum Seeds

  • Elettaria Cardamomum Seeds

    Botanical Name : Elettaria cardamomum

    Common Name : Cardamom, Lesser Cardamom, Malabar cardamom, Ceylon cardamom

    Synonyms : Elettaria cardamomum Maton

    Collection Locale : Coastal areas, INDIA

    Altitude : upto 1200 ft

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    Elettaria Cardamomum Seeds

Grass & Fodder Seeds

  • Canavalia Gladiata Seeds

    Botanical Name : Canavalia gladiata

    Common Name : Sword Bean

    Synonyms : Bromus inermis Leyss.

    Collection Locale : Plains of INDIA

    Altitude : upto 1000 ft

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    Canavalia Gladiata Seeds

  • Cenchrus Ciliaris Seeds

    Botanical Name : Cenchrus Ciliaris

    Common Name : Buffel grass (Australia), African foxtail (United States, Kenya), dhaman grass, anjan grass

    Synonyms : Cenchrus ciliaris Linn. Syn. Pennisetum cenchroides Rich.; Pennisetum ciliare Link, Cenchrus glaucus

    Collection Locale : Humid and temprate zones

    Altitude : Upto 2000mt.

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    Cenchrus Ciliaris Seeds

  • Celtis Australis Seeds

    Common Name : Hackberries

    Plant Average Height : 10-25mt.

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    Celtis Australis Seeds

  • Cenchrus Setigerus Seeds

    Botanical Name : Cenchrus Setigerus

    Collection Locale : North-West, INDIA

    Altitude : 500-800mt.

    Seed Collection period : Mar- April

    Seed Longevity : 1-2 year

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    Cenchrus Setigerus Seeds

  • Medicago Sativa Seeds

    Common Name : Lucene, Alfalfa

    Synonyms : M. sativa Linn.

    Seed Collection period : Jan.-Feb

    Seed Longevity : Long Lived (1-2 years)

    Seed Treatment : Not Required

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    Medicago Sativa Seeds

  • Dichanthium Annulatum Seeds

    Botanical Name : Dichanthium annulatum

    Collection Locale : Through out the plains of India and Hills

    Altitude : 5000ft.

    Seed Collection period : Sept.-Nov.

    Seed Longevity : 6-12year

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    Dichanthium Annulatum Seeds

  • Stylosanthes Scabra Seeds

    Common Name : Shrubby stylo (Australia), Capitan Juan and pata de terecay (Venezuela).

    Synonyms : Diarthra Blake; S. gloiodes Blake; S. plicata Blake.

    Collection Locale : North East Mountains, INDIA

    Altitude : 3500-5500 ft

    Seed Collection period : Nov. - Dec.

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    Stylosanthes Scabra Seeds

  • Lolium Perenne Seeds

    Common Name : Perenial Rye Grass

    Synonyms : L. perenne Linn.

    Seed Purity : 99%

    Seed Treatment : n

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    Lolium Perenne Seeds

  • Panicum Maximum Seeds

    Botanical Name : Panicum Maximum

    Common Name : Guinea grass (Australia, United States), zaina, pasto Guinea (Peru), gramalote (Puerto Rico)

    Synonyms : Panicum abscissum Swallen, Panicum acostia R.D.Webster

    Altitude : Sea level up to 2500 mt.

    Seed Collection period : June- July

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    Panicum Maximum Seeds

  • Stylosanthes Hamata Seeds

    Botanical Name : Stylosanthes hamata

    Common Name : Caribbean stylo (Australia); pencil flower, mother segal (West Indies)

    Synonyms : Hedysarum hamatum L.; Stylosanthes procumbens Sw.; S. eriocarpa Blake.

    Seed Purity : 99%

    Seed Treatment : N

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    Stylosanthes Hamata Seeds

  • Trifolium Alexandrinum Seeds

    Botanical Name : Trifolium alexandrinum

    Common Name : Berseem, Egyptian Clover;

    Synonyms : Trifolium alexandrinum sensu auct.,Trifolium alexandrinum subsp. berytheum (Boiss. & Blanche) Ponert

    Collection Locale : Northern/ Eastern hills, INDIA

    Altitude : upto 1500mt

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    Trifolium Alexandrinum Seeds

  • Trifolium Pratense Seeds

    Botanical Name : Trifolium pratense

    Common Name : Purple Clover, Red clover;

    Synonyms : Trifolium borysthenicum Gruner, Trifolium bracteatum Schousb.

    Collection Locale : Southern sea cost, INDIA

    Altitude : up to1500 ft

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    Trifolium Pratense Seeds

  • Trifolium Repens Seeds

    Botanical Name : Trifolium repens

    Common Name : White clover, Dutch clover, Shamrock

    Synonyms : Trifolium limonium Phil.,Trifolium orbelicum Velen., syn of var. orbelicum,Trifolium stipitatum Clos

    Collection Locale : Temperate and Alpine Himalays

    Altitude : up to 4800 m

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    Trifolium Repens Seeds

Hedge Plants Seeds

  • Dodonaea Viscosa Seeds

    Synonyms : Dodonaea iscose Linn.

    Collection Locale : Plains and low terrain, INDIA

    Altitude : Upto 6500-8000ft.

    Seed Collection period : Feb.-Jan.

    Seed Longevity : 1-2 year

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    Dodonaea Viscosa Seeds

  • Lawsonia Inermis Seeds

    common Name : Mignonette Tree

    Synonyms : Racosperma auriculiforme

    Collection Locale : Plains and low terrain, INDIA

    Altitude : Upto 1700 Ft

    Seed Collection period : April-May

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    Lawsonia Inermis Seeds

  • Acacia Farnesiana Seeds

    Botanical Name : Acacia farnesiana

    Synonyms : A. farnesiana Willd., Acacia acicularis, Acacia minuta, Mimosa farnesiana., Vachellia farnesiana

    Seed Collection period : Jul. - Aug.

    Seed Longevity : Long Lived (1-2 years)

    Seed Purity : 99%

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    Acacia Farnesiana Seeds

  • Duranta Erecta Seeds

    Botanical Name : Duranta erecta

    Common Name : Golden Dewdrop, Pigeon Berry, Skyflower, Angels-whisper,duranta,

    Synonyms : Duranta repens, Duranta repens L., Duranta ellisia Jacq. Duranta plumieri Jacq.

    Collection Locale : Tropical area, INDIA

    Altitude : upto 1300mt.

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    Duranta Erecta Seeds

  • Manilkara Hexandra Seeds

    Botanical Name : Manilkara hexandra

    Common Name : Palu, Palai and Rayan

    Synonyms : M. hexandra (Roxb.) Dubard syn. Mimusops hxandra Roxb.

    Collection Locale : Southern Coasrtal plains, INDIA

    Altitude : upto 700 ft

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    Manilkara Hexandra Seeds

  • Ulex Europaeus Seeds

    Common Name : Gorse, common gorse, furze or whin

    Synonyms : Not known

    Collection Locale : Tropical areas, INDIA

    Altitude : 200-1000 ft

    Seed Collection period : Aug-Sept

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    Ulex Europaeus Seeds

Cover Crops & Green Manuring Seeds

  • Canavalia Ensiformis Seeds

    Botanical Name : Canavalia ensiformis

    Common Name : Jack Bean, Horse Bean, Sword bean (Australia), one-eye bean (West Indies)

    Synonyms : C. ensiformis (Linn.) DC.

    Collection Locale : tropical zone

    Altitude : 500- 1800 ft

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    Canavalia Ensiformis Seeds

  • Crotalaria Juncea Seeds

    Botanical Name : Crotalaria Juncea

    Common Name : Sunn or Sann Hemp, Indian hemp, Madras hemp (En), Chanvre indien (Fr.)

    Synonyms : Crotalaria juncea Linn., Crotalaria benghalensis Lam., Crotalaria fenestrata Sims

    Collection Locale : South East plains, INDIA

    Altitude : 1500-2500 ft

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    Crotalaria Juncea Seeds

  • Indigofera Tinctoria Seeds

    Botanical Name : Indigofera tinctoria

    Common Name : Common Indigo, Indian Indigo

    Synonyms : Indigofera tinctoria. Linn (Fl. Br. Ind.) in part.

    Collection Locale : Throughout India

    Altitude : Up to 1500ft.

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    Indigofera Tinctoria Seeds

  • Leucaena Leucocephala Seeds

    Seed Collection period : Aug. - Feb.

    Seed Longevity : Long Lived (1-2 years)

    Seed Purity : 99%

    Seed Treatment : A,Acid (H2SO4) Scarification

    Usual Germination : 85%

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    Leucaena Leucocephala Seeds

  • Mucuna Bracteata Seeds

    Botanical Name : Mucuna Bracteata

    Synonyms : Mucuna bracteata DC.

    Collection Locale : Tripura, India

    Seed Collection period : Nov-Dec

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    Mucuna Bracteata Seeds

  • Nelumbo Nucifera Seeds

    Common Name : Sacred Lotus, Indian Lotus, Chinese Water Lily

    Synonyms : N. nucifera Gaertn. syn. Nelumbium nelumbo Druce; N. speciosum Willd.

    Seed Purity : 99%

    Seed Treatment : Water for a week

    Usual Germination : 70%

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    Nelumbo Nucifera Seeds

  • Pueraria Javanica Seeds

    Common Name : Kudzu

    Synonyms : Pueraria javanica Benth.

    Collection Locale : Tropical areas, INDIA

    Altitude : Upto 8000 ft

    Seed Collection period : Oct. - Nov.

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    Pueraria Javanica Seeds

  • Sesbania Sesban Seeds

    Common Name : Common sesban, Egyptian rattle pod

    Synonyms : Sesbania Cannabina (Retz.) Pers. Syn. Sesbania tchadica A. Chev

    Seed Collection period : May-July

    Seed Longevity : Very Short Lived (1-6 Months)

    Usual Germination : 75-90%

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    Sesbania Sesban Seeds

  • Cajanus Cajan Seeds

    Botanical Name : Cajanus cajan

    Common Name : Red Gram, Pigeon Pea, Cogno Pea

    Collection Locale : U.P, M.P, Bihar, Madras, Bombay, India

    Altitude : 300mt.- 1300mt.

    Seed Collection period : November

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    Cajanus Cajan Seeds

  • Cassia Auriculata Seeds

    Botanical Name : Cassia auriculata

    Common Name : The tanners cassia, Avaram

    Synonyms : C. auriculata Linn.

    Collection Locale : Tropical and foot hills of India

    Altitude : 1500-3800 feet

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    Cassia Auriculata Seeds

  • Cassia Occidentalis Seeds

    Botanical Name : Cassia occidentalis

    Common Name : The Negro Coffee, Coffee Senna, coffeeweed,

    Synonyms : Cassia occidentalis Linn., Senna occidentalis , Senna occidentalis (L.) Link

    Collection Locale : Humid tropical areas, INDIA

    Altitude : 1200-2500 feet

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    Cassia Occidentalis Seeds

  • Dolichos Biflorus Seeds

    Botanical Name : Dolichos biflorus

    Common Name : Horsegram

    Synonyms : D. biflorus Linn.

    Collection Locale : Plains and low terrain, INDIA

    Altitude : upto 1700 ft

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    Dolichos Biflorus Seeds

  • Vigna Sinensis Seeds

    Common Name : Cow pea, southern pea, blackeye pea, macassar bean, rope bean

    Synonyms : Vigna sinensis (L.) Savi; Vigna sinensis Endl.; Vigna catjang (Burm.) Walp, Vigna malosana Baker

    Collection Locale : Tropical and sub-tropical

    Altitude : Upto 1700mt.

    Seed Longevity : 6-12months

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    Vigna Sinensis Seeds

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