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Tree & Plant Seeds

  • Conifers Seeds

    Conifers Seeds

    Botanical Name : Araucaria cunninghamii

    Common Name : Colonialpine and Queensland pine

    Synonyms : A.cookii R.Br.ex Lindl. Syn. A.columnaris(Forst.) Hook.

    Collection Locale : South East, plains- INDIA

    Altitude : Upto 1500 Ft

  • Multipurpose Tree Seeds

    Multipurpose Tree Seeds

    Botanical Name : Dalbergia latifolia

    Synonyms : Amerimnon latifolium

    Collection Locale : Tropical area, INDIA

    Altitude : upto 1500 ft

    Seed Collection period : Jan. -Mar.

  • Ornamental Shrubs Seeds

    Ornamental Shrubs Seeds

    Botanical Name : Tecomella argentea

    Synonyms : Tecomella baccata Linn.

    Collection Locale : Plains and low terrain, INDIA

    Altitude : Upto 5000 Ft

    Seed Collection period : May - June

  • Ornamental Plant Seeds

    Ornamental Plant Seeds

    Botanical Name : Bahuinia Purpurea

    Common Name : The Geranium Tree

    Synonyms : Bauhinia rosea Corner, Bauhinia triandra Roxb.

    Collection Locale : Large scale of India

    Plant Average Height : 20-25ft.

  • Bamboo Seeds

    Bamboo Seeds

    Botanical Name : Bambusa arundinacea

    Common Name : The spiny or Thorny Bamboo

    Synonyms : B. arundinacea (Retz.) Roxb.; Gamble (F1 Br Ind) in part, syn. B. bambos Druce

    Collection Locale : Throughout India

    Altitude : 2100mt.

  • Palms & Cycads Seeds

    Palms & Cycads Seeds

    Botanical Name : Areca cathecu

    Common Name : Arecanut or Betelnut palm, Areca Palm, Pinang Palm, Supari palm,

    Synonyms : Areca catechu Linn.

    Collection Locale : Assam, coastal areas of Kerala and Karnataka in India

    Altitude : Upto 3000 Ft

  • Beverage Plant Seeds

    Beverage Plant Seeds

    Botanical Name : Camellia sinensis

    Common Name : The tea Plant

    Synonyms : C. sinensis (Linn.) O. Kuntze syn. C. thea Link; C. theifera Griff.

    Collection Locale : North Eastern valley, INDIA

    Altitude : 3000-7000 ft

  • Fruit Tree Seeds

    Fruit Tree Seeds

    Botanical Name : Citrus aurantium

    Common Name : Bitter Orange, Seville Orange, Sour Orange, Bigarade Orange, and Marmalade Orange

    Synonyms : Citrus aurantinum var. bigaradia of Watt

    Collection Locale : Through out the INDIA

    Altitude : up to 5500 ft

  • Medicinal Plant Seeds

    Medicinal Plant Seeds

    Botanical Name : Argemone mexicana

    Common Name : Mexican poppy, Mexican prickly poppy, cardo or cardosanto

    Synonyms : Argemone

    Collection Locale : Central gangetic plans, INDIA

    Altitude : 2000-3500 ft

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